First Thoughts on Xamarin

This is the end of my second day of PD on Xamarin. I’ve attend a few online classes at Xamarin University and have gone though a couple of labs. My first impressions are that the coding is the same it’s just a different UI construction.

For the last 4+ years I’ve been in web development so the UI paradigm is a big switch but I imagine that if I had been developing WPF or perhaps WinForms apps then it wouldn’t be a big difference at all.

I love the fact I can use C# and .Net to code up an application for the iPhone. I was avoiding iPhone development as I didn’t want to learn to use xcode and Objective-C. I have a bunch of languages I want to learn and Objective-C wasn’t one of them, so I’m grateful that I can use a language I already know.

Thanks Xamarin for a great product and excellent learning resources.

I’ll be starting on my sample app over the weekend and continuing it on Monday. I wonder if my opinion will be the same after trying to use it in anger :)