Today I Start to Look at Xamarin and iOS Development

It’s always difficult to pick something to learn for PD, there’s so much out there that I want to explore. This time around I’m looking at mobile development with Xamarin, in particular iOS development. I’ve been lucky enough to be signed up to Xamarin University. I’m planning on getting a certification so I’ll be taking a set of online classes to help me achieve that. However I find that I learn best by doing so I need to come up with some sort of simple app that I can develop. A friend and I have been talking about putting together an app to manage the stuff we own and be able to loan our things out to friends and family so I’m going with that idea. Here are the user stories I’m going to aim for:

  • User Story 1: As the owner of my stuff I want to take a photo of one of my things so that I can loan it out to someone on my contact list.

  • User Story 2: As the owner of an item that had been lent out I want to send an sms to the person that is borrowing it so that I can send them a friendly reminder that they have my stuff.

  • User Story 3: As the owner of item that has been lent out I want to mark it as returned so that I can use it again or loan it out to another person.

  • User Story 4: As the owner of lots of stuff I want to see a list of all my items so that I can see all the items I have and which ones are on loan.

Hopefully by the end of this PD I’ll be well on my way to earning that certification and a nice app to start using.