Debugging Euphoria

This is what coding is all about, searching and searching for that elusive bug and finally terminating it.

Coding is a strange game but one I do love. I hold a senior position at work and consequently I seem to be doing more of the things that don’t including coding but this week I was neck deep into debugging. We’ve been trying to tack down a performance related bug way down in the comms layer and not having much luck. I was thinking that this coding caper runs you through an emotional rollercoaster. It started with frustration and self doubt about not being able to locate this persistent little creature. Next it was depression and the question of “Why am I doing this, I don’t need it”. After a bit of wallowing in depression the “I can do this, it can’t be that hard” kicks in and you try to pull yourself out of the depression pit. Hope and the light at the end of the tunnel is next and finally, finally the euphoria of success. That euphoria when the bug is finally nailed makes it all worth while and all the bad times seem like a distant memory.

I really do enjoy coding.